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Professional Practice Management offers a suite of services and tools to help you analyze, optimize and improve your dental practice.

What is your Practice G.P.A. (Growth Potential Analysis)?

Do you know the benchmarks of a healthy practice? What if you could see how you compare to those benchmarks?

GPAWe can help you set goals for many of the indicators that are important for you to review and track. You will find that each challenge in your day represents an opportunity to fine-tune the systems that influence the direction of your practice. We look forward to reviewing with you.


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Competitive Fee Analysis

Are the fees you are charging above or below the competition? The dental fees you are charging have a direct effect on your bottom line profits. In some cases we find doctors that are charging too little on only a few treatments, but even those few treatments can add up to thousands of dollars in unrealized profit each year. The market for dentistry changes almost every year, and it is important that you match your fees appropriately.

Our service helps you analyze your fees against competitive benchmarks and then presents a Fee Rebalancing recommendation to you.

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Powerful Practice Perspective Analysis  “The Triple P”

The “Triple P” analysis includes the following:

  • Procedure Analysis: We perform an in-depth statistical analysis of your Periodontal Program, Preventive Radiographs, Hygiene department and your overall mix of treatment offerings. We can help you determine where potential opportunity and profit are escaping your practice, and where the may be opportunities to bring new profits in.
  • Fee Analysis: As part if the Triple P, you will get the in-depth fee analysis referenced above.
  • Procedure Coding: Accurate coding is critical to proper documentation and rapid reimbursement. Improper coding can lead to delayed or denied claims. Sometimes improper coding can lead to legal troubles when it is deemed to be fraudulent even if it is unintentional due to a lack of training. We can work with your team to ensure that insurance coding happens correctly the first time, to avoid these issues.

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