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Are you ready to buy a dental practice? When the beginning the process of purchasing a dental practice, there are certain key questions that each buyer must ask themselves…

Do you know how to determine the appraised value of the
 practice you are seeking to purchase? It is important that you work with reputable practice brokers who will also be looking out for your best interests.

Have you researched the various markets and demographics to determine what type of practice you will be most successful in? The “right fit” is very important to determine your future success in a practice that you purchase. Some dental practice brokers just focus on the transaction, but we focus on matching buyers and sellers based on success factors.

Have you analyzed your own clinical skills to determine how you can immediately add value to the practice that you purchase? Bringing diverse clinical skills to a practice that you purchase can be a great way to grow production right away. We can help you determine how to make that happen.

Are you ready to buy a dental practice? We can help, with confidential, personalized advice… We will walk you through each step of the process.

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