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laura jones

Laura Jones

Client Support


  • Bookkeeping/ Accounting Support
  • Practice Transitions & Brokerage Assistance

“I love working for Professional Practice Management because I believe in Our Philosophy ‘We are dedicated to making you more successful’.” ~ Laura Jones

Professional Bio:

Laura has been with PPM since November, 1983. She provides monthly accounting services which includes detailed balance sheets, income statements cash flow analysis and balancing bank statements. She also works with clients to prepare property tax returns, business license paper work, worker’s compensation policy information for insurance company, etc. She assists PPM clients in installing in-practice systems, procedures and policies for their practices for cash control and office management.

Laura also supports our Practice Transitions services by preparing contracts, agreements, bank packages, office appraisals and more.

Personal Bio:

Laura was born and raised in the state of Georgia, specifically in Decatur, GA. She and her husband Bill currently reside in Loganville. They have a daughter – Kellie – who got married last year along with a beautiful granddaughter, and  a son – Chase –  who will be graduating high school this year and is headed off to college.  When there is spare time she and her husband love to ride bikes, kayak on the river and spend as much time with their granddaughter as they can!


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