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Dean Cox

Dean Cox

Dental Consultant


  • Practice Transitions & Brokerage
  • Associate Placement
  • Practice Startup Consulting
  • Dental Equipment & Technology
  • Space Planning & Value Engineering
  • Bank Package & Financing Specialist

“One of the most satisfying things about my career is not only building a lasting relationship but experiencing the doctor’s success. I hear comments after advising them on a practice Startup or Purchase years after they open their doors. I really enjoy hearing and seeing how happy they are with what they have accomplished” ~ Dean Cox

Professional Bio:

Dean Cox has been with Atlanta Dental Supply for his entire career in the dental industry and is one of the founding members of Professional Practice Management. Over that time he has developed an unmatched set of skills that can be applied to help dentists achieve both their personal and professional goals.  His unique knowledge of both the business and technical operations of a dental office allow him to advise and consult dentists on the full spectrum of how to make their offices more profitable.

During his career he has helped countless dentists buy, sell, start or improve their dental practices. Dean develops long-term partnerships with his dental clients and assists them at all stages of their careers – from starting or buying a practice, to managing the profitability of their practice, to ultimately transitioning their practice.

Personal Bio:

Dean Cox was born and raised in the state of Georgia. After finishing college, he spend 6 years in the US Army Reserves in Augusta and working for Atlanta Dental at the Medical College of Georgia.

He and his wife Teresa live in a cabin in North Georgia. He has two children, one step son and 3 grandkids. (His son is a second generation Atlanta Dental employee).

Dean really enjoys snow-skiing, snowmobiling, and has been known to do some dog sledding.

Dean is a self proclaimed “Do-It-Yourself Expert” and his family know him as the local carpenter, plumber, and electrician.

Client Feedback on Dean Cox:

“Thank you for helping me work through all the details and all the emotions of selling my practice. You helped me prepare instead of rushing me. You even talked me out of it the first time!”

How can Dean help your practice TODAY? Call (800) 643-4361 to find out.