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Matt Anderson

Dental Consultant


  • Practice Startup Consulting
  • Dental Equipment & Technology
  • Space Planning & Value Engineering
  • Bank Package & Financing Specialist
  • Practice Transitions & Brokerage Assistance
  • Associate Placement

“My passion is to help each doctor achieve the successful balance of modern dentistry and business management.” ~ Matt Anderson

Professional Bio:

Matt Anderson has worked for Atlanta Dental for over 10 years and has held several leadership positions within different areas of the company. These opportunities have given him the ability to incorporate his experience, along with an innate ability to develop innovative and new ideas, into achieving successful plans for a dentist seeking a seamless transition from dental school to owning their own practice.  Through this fresh approach, he has also assisted seasoned doctors in making professional advancements that has taken their practice to the pinnacle of modern dentistry.

Personal Bio:

For over 18 years, Matt Anderson has been helping
general dentists, pediatric dentists, orthodontists and
other dental specialists create their dream offices. After
helping practices in both Georgia and Alabama, Matt is
excited to expand his professional jurisdiction to the
Coastal Carolinas and Savannah Georgia. As of 2020,
Matt and his family are excited to call Charleston, South
Carolina home!

Matt wears many hats, specializing in many different
facets of construction and renovation. Finding the right
location, space planning and value engineering, budget
analysis, bank package and financing, contractor
selection, and construction oversight as well as
consulting on dental equipment and overseeing the
installation are just a few of his areas of expertise. Matt
also enjoys helping with associate placement, practice
transitions and brokerage assistance.

How can Matt help your practice TODAY? Call (800) 643-4361 to find out.