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Are you ready to sell your dental practice? When beginning the process of a practice transition, there are certain key questions that each seller must ask themselves…

Have you worked through the emotions of being ready to sell?

Do you know the value of the practice you own? Contact us to get an accurate Practice Valuation to determine the value of your practice.

Are you sure it’s time to sell? Have you taken into account all of the personal and professional factors?

Have you positioned yourself well for retirement? How does the practice sale fit into your personal financial goals?

Are you looking to retire as soon as your practice is sold? Or would you like to continue working after the sale?

We can help, with confidential, personalized advice… We will walk you through each step of the process.

Our Practice Transition Process

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Transition Evaluations: The starting point of a practice sale begins with a confidential consultation with the seller. We schedule an office visit to gather the information needed to prepare a thorough appraisal. We then present to the owner, all of the factors that determine the value of the practice. This provides the information needed to make an informed decision.

Attract Potential Buyers: PPM’s comprehensive brokerage service includes the screening of potential qualified purchasers and consultation with both the purchaser and the seller.

Manage Sale: We consult through the negotiation process, draft the letter of intent, prepare the bank package, and arrange the compilation of all legal contracts, agreements, and other required documentation. We attend the closing of the purchase and protect the rights of both parties.

Transition Practice: we will be available to help the buyer and seller through the actual process of transitioning the process, ensuring a positive outcome for both parties.

Are you ready to sell your practice?

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